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Instytut Postępowania Twórczego Sp. z o.o., Poland

IPT is a provider of education and training organisation and runs schools at primary, middle, secondary and post-secondary levels in Poland.

IPT has established ca.40  schools in different locations in Poland (which are known under the name SEI – “Schools of Innovative Education”), including International Schools.  These schools  and kindergartens are managed in  innovative ways – using unique methods,  educational programmes and educational tools.

Language education is particularly important and  IPT cooperates with native speakers and specialists in matters of innovative language teaching methodology. Moreover, the schools participate in various international projects (mainly Erasmus+).

Two schools managed by IPT are involved in the “Learn English Through Signs” project: International Primary School of Innovative Education and International Nursery “Tęczowy Świat Dziecka”.

Gimnazija in srednja sola Rudolfa Maistra Kamnik, Slovenia

School Centre Kamnik is a secondary school offering vocational and educational provision for students between the ages of 14 and 19. The offering includes vocational courses including the training of pre school and  childcare professionals. There are more than 850 students who attend it. There are approximately 70 teachers whose main goal is to prepare the students for Matura and Vocational Matura Exams. Our school also offers part-time education, with 250 adults taking part in programmes such as Grammar School, Secondary School of Economics, Economics clerk, Pre-School Education and Matura Courses. Additionally we offer English, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Computer courses.

The early years (child education and care) professional  programme  was set up by GSSRM 18 years ago.  Students are challenged to develop their sense of innovation, creativity and talents, applying all that into their practical work. With a project work approach, based on cross-curricular interaction, the students of  child care/early years education  programme learn how to plan practical activities, based on demands of the Kindergarten Curriculum. The ideas are applied to kindergartens in the region where students undertake work practice.

Domi Domingo, Leeds UK

Domi Domingo is organic and vegan friendly day nursery based in Burley, Leeds.  We also currently offer after school provision, collecting from one of our local primary schools. Our nursery is situated in a residential area, close to two local primary schools and a Children’s Centre. There is another private provider five minutes away. Links have been established with the majority of the other providers in the area.

We are unique in the way that we have a range of cultures among the background of the children. The Nursery was initially advertised to the Lithuanian community, and as a result we do have a large percentage of Lithuanian children on roll. We also have Polish, Russian , English , Italian ,Spanish, Arabic and Muslim children. We also have children who are from an Afro-Carribean background. In total 61 per cent of our children speak English as an additional language (EAL). We also have children from a range of socio-economic backgrounds. Currently we have one child with severe Special Educational Needs(SEN), and another child who has communication difficulties. In terms of our organisation competences and experience in supporting EAL children we have been already doing a lot to support these children.

Language in Your Hands

We are a group of professionals form the field of early years with the mission to enhance communication with  primerely preverbal  young children through the use of signs, using British Sign language. As well as working with preverbal children and  hard of hearing (aged six months to 11 years), we  work in many other settings, including but not limited to nurseries, preschools, children’s centers  and libraries.

We also work internationally. We provide regular placement opportunities for international  students in the nurseries in Yorkshire region, mainly in Leeds and Bradford and promote child’s led, play based early years education.